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    Air India nears historic order for up to 500 jets: Sources


    PARIS/NEW DELHI: Air India is close to placing landmark orders for as many as 500 jetliners worth tens of billions of dollars from both Airbus and Boeing as it carves out an ambitious renaissance under the Tata Group conglomerate, industry sources said on Sunday.

    The orders include as many as 400 narrow-body jets and 100 or more wide-bodies, including dozens of Airbus A350s and Boeing 787s and 777s, they said, speaking on condition of anonymity as finishing touches are placed on the mammoth deal in coming days.

    Such a deal could top $100 billion dollars at list prices, including any options, and rank among the biggest by a single airline in volume terms, overshadowing a combined order for 460 Airbus and Boeing jets from American Airlines over a decade ago. Even after significant expected discounts, the deal would be worth tens of billions of dollars and cap a volatile year for an industry whose jets are back in demand after the pandemic but which is facing mounting industrial and environmental pressures.

    Airbus and Boeing declined to comment. Tata Group-owned Air India did not immediately respond to a request for comment.





    The pential order comes days after Tata announced the merger of Air India with Vistara, a joint-venture with Singapore Airlines, to create a bigger full-service carrier and strengthen its presence in domestic and international skies.

    Founded by JRD Tata in 1932, Air India was nationalised in 1953.

    Delivered over at least a decade, the 500 jets would both replace and expand fleets in the world's fastest-growing airline market, while contributing to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's goal of expanding the economy to $5 trillion.


    印度航空公司于1932年由JRD Tata创立,1953年被国有化。




    selvakathirvel•3 hours ago

    last time tata indulged in purchase of corus steel indian rupees lost its value while repaying the loan how much of that money came back in dividends nothing. will this 100 billion dollar will go out from india?




    V•D•4 hours ago

    Nice ! But AI tickets are highly priced still.




    •4 hours ago

    Why there is no mention of Make in India by TATAs? This is a huge order and therefore it is feasible to setup plant in India to manufacture atleast 70 percent of order and will also bring critical aircraft manufacturing tech. China has already developed their own homegrown aircraft thus saving billions of dollars..




    User Rn•Bangalore•4 hours ago

    I fully agree each and every entities under Go nment sector should be privatised for it to function properly and for the progress of India may it be ricity, water supply even sanitation.




    • User Rn•3 hours ago

    Unless there is proper open competition in a sector, Private Sector will milk the common man. Energy sector is a base sector in which privatatisation has already failed due to GREED of Indian Private players. Almost all power plants of private sector failed because they looked for instant profits.




    User Rn•Bangalore•5 hours ago

    How this loss making pathetic AI and IA when under go nment control now are out of the rut and making a multi bullion mind boggling order for 500 jets under TATAs. Long live the TATAs.




    • User Rn•4 hours ago

    This has nothing to do with Modiji, who was wise enough to get Indian public sector out of the wealth-destroying airline industry. This news item is very speculative and Tatas can't be silly enough to triple their fleet with a worldwide recession looming. Be real, folks!




    • User Rn•4 hours ago

    agree at least now, why Modi is privatising all these govt companies full of rust.




    Charit Sharma•Gurgaon•6 hours ago

    I swear I will fly Air India if this is True.




    Gursharan Singh•Unknown•7 hours ago

    Did they repaired broken seats in their jets?




    •9 hours ago

    Great achievement by Modi govt




    Rajendra Chouhan•us•9 hours ago

    Myself and every proud Indians should support TATA led by Ratan Tata owned AIR INDIA from now on and forget about the foreign carriers, who treat us contempt like American, Luftansa and Emirats as well British airways.l




    •9 hours ago

    Before jum to multi-mega billion dream projects Tatas must fix their non-functional ticket booking Web site. It is a shame that out great country, famous (or infamous?) for software engineers, cannot provide a decent user interface for its “Maharaja” airline.




    Narayandas Kth•9 hours ago

    All airlines should join together to chalk up total aircrafts they need to buy in the coming years and jointly negotiate with the aircraft manufacturers to get optmum price reduction and many offset benefits to their own companies for the benefit of our country.




    •9 hours ago

    Great news but When will tata start manufacturing airplanes? only they can do so in India




    • Indian Guy•9 hours ago

    Tatas are not in the busines making airplanes; they run airlines. Currently there is no plan to make large, Commercial airplanes in india because such a project would take ten years and a hundred billion USD before a prototype rolls out. High entry barrier!. Even china and poor little Russia have not penetrated the large global commercial aircraft market yet, though they have a 30 years head start over India.




    •9 hours ago

    GOI should not be a guarantee for such deals. With reputation Tatas have I guess they can handle these big ticket items.




    •10 hours ago

    They should start by making the website work bettwr and also to ne made more user friendly.




    • Truth Always•9 hours ago

    Absolutely . The Air Inda web site is a disgrace. Ot is a shame that our national airline, in a in our country famous (or infamous?) for sofrware skills, cannot provided a decent online booking facility.




    Boo Global•10 hours ago

    Fake news




    radha• Boo Global•bangalore•4 hours ago

    Lol you are fake human




    • Boo Global•10 hours ago

    Now listen to Boeing man straight from Seattle company




    Piyush Kumar•Bangalore•10 hours ago

    Air India was causing losses of billions of dollar year after year. All taxpayers money. If it wasn't sold soon, it's condition would have become like BSNL. Now not only the recurring losses are stopped, the airlines is in more capable hands. From the sarkari babus to professional businessmen. Many jobs are saved, new ones created. But Congress and others say BJP is selling off the nation.




    •10 hours ago

    They can buy as many as they want but unless they put professional staff, it will be same sheit again and again..




    •10 hours ago

    It was foolish on the part of GOI to drop the mascot Maharaja from Air India, Maharaja gave a royal touch and feeling. Tatas know business , they made a turn around of Jaguar cars, hope and pray they will do it again in Air India.




    •10 hours ago

    Doesn't make business sense at all! Megalomania killing Air India, once again!




    • Guest•10 hours ago

    They have made Indica and Jaguar a turnaround story.




    • Guest•4 hours ago

    nearly tripling their fleet when airlines are struggling to survive! Which bank do they expect will lend them the money, exposing themselves to bankruptcy risks?




    •10 hours ago

    The problem came when Air India was nationslised under chor Congress re gie of license raj. After Modi emphasized on privatization of airlines industry the Tata conglomerate took over the reins and services have improved with the Maharaja mascot welcoming passengers once again. Good luck Tata!




    •15 hours ago

    Air India must be given a big land in the centre of India to develop an International Hub Airport with mega infra…to cater for next 40-50 years…


    三泰虎原创译文,禁止转载!:首页 > 印度资讯 » 印度航空订购500架客机,总价或超1000亿美元


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